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this is who we are...

We are more than just a video production company, we are a significant piece of the overall picture.  Video, audio, and lighting have a symbiotic relationship that gives an event cohesiveness.  By specializing in the visual, we provide the piece that brings your event to life.

With our line of high-end LED video displays, commonly called "Jumbotrons", video production and creative services, we make your event shine.  We aren't just a rental house, we are event experts.  Our engineers are dedicated to the success of your event and to make sure all aspects of the production are taken care of.

Whether you are looking to captivate an audience, grow an event, or generate revenue through sponsorships, Sideline Productions has the experience, technology and knowhow to achieve your goals.  The piece that completes the picture.



We believe in supporting the health of our planet for future generations.  Find out more...

this is what we do...

Display & Video Production Services

Big doesn't come close to describing the impact video displays and HD production bring to an event.  Let us help you bring your event to the next level.  

Creative Services

If you are making the investment in a video display, let us help you make the most of it with your event and sponsorship content.

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