A New Way to Celebrate Earth Day

We decided to start a new Earth Day tradition.  Joni and I wanted to make an impact on our local community and while our original idea didn't work as planned, it brought us to what we did this year.  Traditionally we have planted a tree for every 500 miles our company drove in the calendar year.  Since we did not have a huge response in getting trees planted within our local community, we decided to shift gears.  

Education is what we wanted to focus on so we contacted our local schools to discuss.  The idea was to come and read to first graders in Brookings and donate them a book to take home and read with their family.  

It's was an incredible day and we look forward to next year all ready.  Thanks to all the schools, teachers, and most of all the kids for letting us come and read.


New Look, Same Great Company

Today is officially our 5 year anniversary.  It has been a wild ride of trailers packed, miles driven, and thousands of square meters of screens loaded in and struck.  Millions of people have watched our work, most without knowing who we are.  Through it all we have been dedicated to one thing, our clients and their customers.  

Our very first event.  Saturday in the Park in Sioux City, IA back in 2012

Our very first event.  Saturday in the Park in Sioux City, IA back in 2012

We are very honored to work with the people that we do.  Moving from a corporate event one day, to a NCAA game on an aircraft carrier, and then turning around to be front row for an area's largest festival, constantly keeps us on our toes and looking to innovate.  We have grown into a company that takes on different events and challenges daily.  Dirt, snow, wind, rain, freezing temps, scorching temps, and ice does not hold us back.  Our team is ready for any challenge that is put in front of us, and we take it head on with a smile on our face.  With that being said, it is time to reveal our new logo.

We would like to thank everyone we have worked with over the last 5 years and are looking forward to the many new faces and old friends we will be seeing in the next five.


Challenges Present Opportunity to Shine

Sometimes a project comes along that presents a challenge.  We recently completed a two month college tour for one of the largest retailers, and one of our favorite stores, Target.  A lot of working pieces came together to make this project possible.  

Craftsmen Industries brought us in to provide LED for a traveling marketing campaign for Target, that hit several colleges through out the nation.  Content played a massive role in this as four different faces where playing cohesive content, and then playing different content all throughout the day.  It required the use of one of our Green Hippo media servers to pull off.  

We won't talk to much in detail and let the pictures below do the talking.  It was an incredible experience and we hope to continue to work with Target throughout the coming years.

Make Moments Count

As we kick off the weekend of this fantastic summer season, it's hard not to think about every person who has given their time, their effort, and for many their lives to enjoy the freedom we have in our country.

We are fortunate enough to be in the entertainment industry.  We help bring joy to the masses that get out on the weekends to spend time with family and friends.  But as you get set out this weekend to enjoy the great weather, reflect on what others have lost.  Enjoy your time, and make every moment count.

An Event for a Cause

We have the honor of working with amazing clients every day, but there is something that is even more special when we can work with an event that is for a worth while cause.  On April 25, 2015 we worked with some great comrades, Birch Technical Productions and Allied Productions and Sales, to help transform the Depot in Downtown Minneapolis into a spectacular setting for the Star Gala, which supports the Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

The event raised over $2 million for Children's for the care of congenital heart defects.  Seeing events like this, and how they come together to help raise money for supporting a great group, makes us so thankful we get to work in this industry.

Below are some of the photos from the event set up and the event.  We provided the LED displays which were split up and mapped to create a great looking backdrop for the stage.

Bringing Your Game to a Whole Different Level

One of the things that has become a staple on the basketball court is the scores table.  Something so simple can become such a powerful revenue generator for your game or tournament.  We wanted to highlight a recent project to show what the capabilities are.  Below is a time-lapse of our scores tables in use at the Horizon League Men's Championship weekend.  This is the second night of double headers and as you can see the court side displays did more than just inform the crowd, they had advertising dollars generated.

It's a simple yet effective way to drive sponsorship, which helps your event do more things for the spectators.  Sponsors get a double hit.  They get the spectators in the crowd, but obviously the crown of this is the TV time.  It goes without saying that sponsors love the opportunity to get people at home as well as the game.  Give your sponsors more, and in return they will help you expand your next event.